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In June 1992, Bernadette Carteciano, wanted to start a business of her own after working long hours in the airline industry. It all started with the simple idea of cooking for a small group of people looking for delicious home-cooked meals. Seeing how students were looking for affordable meals, Acacia Refreshment Parlor came into fruition.


After a few years, Acacia Refreshment Parlor was renamed to what people know now as Acacia Alley Restaurant. Still honoring the Acacia tree planted on the family lot where most of Acacia Alley’s events are held.


Headed by her mother, Debora Carpena-Carteciano, and her, Acacia Alley has been part of many people’s lives in Santa Rosa, Laguna. From baptisms, to birthdays, proms, graduations, debuts, weddings, and all other things in between and after, Acacia Alley has had the honor of catering to different people celebrating their lives.


Now that Bernadette Carteciano-Itaralde has a daughter of her own, Gianne Itaralde, Acacia Alley continues to be headed by a mother-daughter tandem with a vision to continue on improving and providing quality service and food to their clients.

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As your potential caterer, we'd like to think that knowing us better would make you feel more at ease. We're here to reassure you that you're on the right track.

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Est. 1992

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